Who are we?

Hi there! We are Fien and Jesse, two (tired) bikepackers from Belgium. After graduating as Physiotherapist we started working. Although we were happy in Belgium, we wanted a little more adventure. So we decided to move to Switzerland. We moved to Willisau, a little city not very far from Luzern. This was our home for a year and a half. Just if you didn't know this already: Switzerland is amazing! It has mountains, nice people and cheese. Naturally we loved it there. But in the back of our mind was another crazy adventure we had some time ago: going on a big ass cycling trip. So after (not very much) thought and research we decided to quit our jobs and cycle from Alaska to South America. 

The Plan.

For those who know us, they know that this part isn't really our strong suit. But we've really outdone ourselves this time!

We start our trip on the 14th of June 2022 in Deadhorse, a cosy little town way up North in Alaska. From there we start cycling South. Bikepacking may be a little slow sometimes, but it has a small environmental impact and you get to experience some cool stuff along the way. Exploring places with only the power of your legs and living from the stuff you bring with you is just something else! That is why we plan to ride through some National parks like: Banff, Yellowstone and Yosemite. Probably being overwhelmed by the nature, hopefully meeting nice people along the way and getting a feel of how the local people live.  Somewhere more South, Cabo san Lucas (Mexico)  is the destination for the first part of our trip.

From Mexico we fly to Peru for the second part of our adventure. A little town called Curahuasi will be our home for the next three months. That's because we will be doing volunteer work for an organisation called: Oye LENA. It provides quality education (and Physiotherapy too, SCORE!) for children from underprivileged families, ethnic minorities and children with disabilities, in order to tackle poverty and social inequality.

After our volunteer work, we cycle further South, through Bolivia, Argentina and Chile. Along the Andes until we reach our final destination: Ushuaia.

Wow, you read all of this? Awesome! If you want to read some more and  follow along with our journey, we try to keep a regular Blog of our adventures, as well as our Instagram page.


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